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2017-03-11T19:10:43+01:00 - 192.168 o 1

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Default login for Netgear Router192.168.0.1

Unless your internet provider changed default username and password following login details should work for

 How to change your router password

It is important that you change your router password so noone is able to access and reconfigure your router. Make sure to write down new username and password. Below are the steps require to change your router password:

- First you need to login to the router control panel by typing in router default IP address (for example 192.168.o.1). If you don't know router default IP address please use instructions in "How to find your router IP address" section.

- You should see username and password prompt. Enter username and password for the router and click "Login". Router administration interface will load.

- Look for the security or administrative tab in the router administration interface. There you will see a link to "Change password". Click on it and type your password twice there. Make sure your password is strong. To make your password stronger you can use online password generators.


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